The Sebastian Family Cottage was designed by Wilfred McLaughlin who had offices at 822 Cherry SE    

McLaughlin was born June 5, 1902 in Niles, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1925, working in the office of Ernest Young in South Bend. He became a registered architect by examination, and moved to Grand Rapids where he worked for Thomas and Adrian Benjamin, becoming a partner in 1931 (Grand Rapids Herald, November 1,1931).  

In 1947 McLaughlin designed the iconic Davenport Institute building at 1 Fulton on the corner of Fulton and Division and recently restored.

Davenport Institute

Original plans for the Davenport Institute called for a six-story structure of "fire-proof concrete and steel construction with all windows frames and sashes, and all doors and partitions, made of metal and glass brick. The main floor was for retail and was planned to have a marble floor, bleached wood-paneled walls and corridors of terrazzo. The second, third and fourth floors were to be offices, and the fifth and six floors to be classrooms and offices for the Institute (Grand Rapids Herald, June 6, 1947). Only two floors were built and it was recently restored for Tower Pinkster offices. 

In 1952, McLaughlin became a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).  His office was located at 822 Cherry SE (shown below) until his death.  

McLaughlin died at age 58 on May 4, 1960 shortly after Palomita, the Sebastian Family Cottage, was built. During his career he designed several commercial buildings, bowling alleys and churches, but he was considered primarily a residential architect having designed over 100 homes in Grand Rapids and throughoutMichigan according to the Michigan Society of Architects Monthly Bulletin, June 1960.