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This is a selection of architects working in West Michigan during the mid-century including some who designed modern or art deco homes and buildings in the 1920's and 1930's where applicable. This list includes architects who lived in West Michigan as well as those from other cities and states who designed homes or buildings in West Michigan. It is a work in progress and if you know of an architect we should include, please use the contact form on the website.

Roger Allen FAIA

Robert Amor AIA 

John Baker

George Baumgarten AIA

Guido Binda

Gunner Birkerts

Marion Blood

Thomas Bisbee AIA

Paul Bower FAIA

Marcel Breuer

Norman Carver, FAIA

Harry Colton AIA

Edward Herman Daverman, Joseph Theodore Daverman, Herbert George Daverman, Robert L. Daverman (list in progress)

Daverman Associates

F.H. DeShane

Bernard DeVries

Marvin DeWinter AIA

Russell F. Donker Associates

Alden Dow AIA, Midland

Dozema (?)

Charles & Ray Eames

Edgar J. Firant AIA

James Frimodig AIA

Don P. Fritz AIA

Jan T. Gaastra AIA

Charles Morton Goodman

Kristianas Grants

Jerry Hanson

James K. Haveman AIA

Robert Eugene Hicks AIA

Arleigh Hitchcock

Holabird & Roche, Chicago

Charles Hornbach AIA

William Kessler AIA, Detroit

Ernest King AIA

Louis Kingscott AIA, Kalamazoo

E. John Knapp AIA

Carl Ray Kohler, AIA

Michael John Koteles

Robert Kuhn (Artist)

Diane Katherler Lessien

William Lindhout AIA

Philip D. Lundwall FAIA

Alexander McColl  AIA, also link to Alexander McColl Modern

Wayne McClure on Comstock  |  McClure and the 1959 Parade of Homes  |  Wayne McClure on Fuller Court SE

Wilifred McLaughlin AIA and Palomita 

John Randall McDonald (Magazine Plans)

M. Brice McMillan AIA

Harry L. Mead FAIA

Erich Mendelsohn AIA

Gretchen Minnhaar

George R. Morris

James Bernard Nachtegall AIA

Neilor & Rich, Architects & Engineers, Chicago

George Nelson, Herman MIller, Zeeland and New York

Richard Neutra

Charles A. O'Bryon AIA

Donnelly W. Palmer

James Parent, Kalamazoo

Perry-Shaw & Hepburn

David Post AIA | Post & McMillan | Post, McMillan & Palmer | Post Associates

Carl Rudine AIA

Ron Rusling AIA

Otto Stark, AIA, Chicago

Steenwyk AIA

Christian Steketee AIA

John VanderMeiden, A.I.A., Grand Haven, Michigan

Vickers & Jackson

Harry Weese, Chicago

H. H Weemhoff AIA

Kenneth Welch AIA

Robert Wiggins AIA

Robert Wold AIA

Frank Lloyd Wright

Richard Wright

Emil Zillmer AIA

Carl Zillmer AIA