In 1951 Grand Rapids Public Schools passed a 20 year millage and in the first 10 years, designed and built 17 elementary schools and junior high schools and a service center. Of the original schools built, Kent Hills is one that remains a vital part of the Grand Rapids Public School system.  

Kent Hills Park-School was completed in the first year of school building in 1954 replacing an old building in rough shape.  The Park-School project was part of a 20-year millage that was designed to address the issues identified by a team of University of Chicago educators.  The new schools including Kent Hills were equipped with modern classrooms, brand new furniture, extensive built-ins and storage, radiant heating and beautiful clerestory windows. The goal of the project besides new facilities was to set the schools in expansive park settings managed by the Park Department that could be enjoyed by the neighborhood.  In the case of this building, while still intact and well-cared for, during the energy crisis of the 1970's, windows were lost and partially covered which alters the original modern style.   An school addition resulted in the loss of some of the recreational facilities on the site.   

Here is a map of the schools.