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Note:  This list includes some contractors who built modern or art deco homes in the 1920's and 1930's. This is a work in progress. If you know of a designer/builder that should be included, please use the contact form to send WMM the name and any background information you may have. Thanks!

Bert Aalsberg

J.O. Barkwell and Barkwell Builders


Ward Blackall

Andrew Bolt

James Bronkema

Richard Brooks

Cederlund & Howell

L.M. Conrad & Company

Randall Cooper

George Datema & Son



DeVos Construction

Douglas Dok, John Leonard Dok III, Dok Builders

Ben Gibson

Bud & Percy Hawkins

A.E. Heintzelman

Howard Huyser

Ivanek, Barclay M. 

Paul Lovell

Russell Newman Builder

Nicols & Cox


Keith Pratt

Jordan Sheperd

Robert Stiles

TerVeen Builders

Harold Turner

John VandenBerg

Henry Van Laar

E.J. Van Sweden

Veldman & Veldman

Adrian VerSluys