The Gallery includes custom executive homes, developer houses, commercial buildings, churches and schools.  These were designed by E. John Knapp while working as principal designer at O'Bryon and Knapp,  followed up by his work on the design team at Daverman Associates Grand Rapids Office, and some work during his early years in Detroit.    

One of the great adventures of this research has been getting a text from Knapp's daughter Marcia Krech who will say something like, "Did we tell you about the Ada house?"  And off we go on a new journey to find that house and learn more about it, sometimes in real time, talking and texting with Marcia as we are sitting in front a house or building wondering if "this is the one?"   We have consistently found these treasures and discovered them, with just a few exceptions, to be intact and beloved.  Recently West Michigan Modern stumbled on Grand Rapids Press clippings that brought to life a previously uncatalogued house only to discover that it was torn down in the 1980's, but that was the exception.   

The Gallery is a living document, growing and changing as new information comes to light.    West Michigan Modern will continue to add photos, information and links to the gallery because we have so much more to share.  If you know of a building or house designed by E. John Knapp that is not included here or if you have information on one of these buildings, please let us know.  Visit the "Contact" page for more information.